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Hosted on the national policing website and aimed primarily at women and girls, StreetSafe will enable members of the public to anonymously drop a pin onto a map and describe factors that cause them concern, including behavioural or environmental reasons why they felt unsafe.

These could range from a poorly-lit walkway to instances of public harassment and will mean concerns can be raised with police, whether or not a crime has been committed.

The information will be used alongside other key data by policing, in partnership with stakeholders, to deliver improved wellbeing and safety for communities.

Changes and improvements could range from installing CCTV and street lighting across a park or common, to introducing night-time patrols led by officers or members of the local community, such as Neighbourhood Watch groups.

The pilot, which will run for three months, is part of the Government’s new approach to tackling violence against women and girls in the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard.

NPCC lead for neighbourhood policing, Chief Constable Claire Parmenter, said:
“StreetSafe will provide us with information about the places that women and girls feel unsafe that can be used, alongside other information, to inform local decisions and changes to make women and girls feel safer.

“We continue to work hard to tackle violence against women and girls in all forms and we hope the data provided will enrich our understanding of our communities’ concerns.”
Use this tool online at

The service is anonymous and will first ask you your location, either current or entering an address or using an interactive map

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Then you are asked why you feel the area is unsafe.

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Please remember this is NOT for reporting any crime.